Primarily our role at Sun Creative Group is to act as your right hand man, assisting you and helping you to manage your time, event exhibition and resources effectively and efficiently . Our professional staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, and help you chose the appropriate system, event signage,  graphics and support whether you are organising a shell scheme stand, 1,000 sq meter event exhibition  or major show, or anything in between we will be able to help.. We can provide Concepts Designs, Plans, Signage systems, Graphics Conference sets, Exhibition Booths, Furniture, IT and AV support, exhibition display stands and  project Management.

One of our main specialities are looking after your event exhibition. These we can supply sponsor pods or booths for conference exhibition areas within big event. These can be for third party exhibitors or show floor exhibition display stands. We have many pods for hire, both off the shelf or custom made.

We also have many event signage systems to take a variety of information depending on the size of the event. From small pole and panel displays to large wedge and parrot stand signage we can help with the logistics, planning and flow of event traffic. Making your delegates flow from main auditoriums to  event exhibition to catering areas, with clear concise signage.

We also have a range of outdoor signage for events of all sizes. So from massive impactful graphic building wraps to smaller flags and banners, we can help you theme and sign your event exhibition anywhere.

Sun Creative have a number of systems that can be used for portable conference sets. Can fit down into small transit cases. So if you have a roadshow type event or travelling event exhibition we will have a set system to suit. In many cases this can match your exhibition display stands.

  • Event Graphics
  • Signage for events
  • Venue dressing and wraps
  • Outdoor signage and systems
  • Event exhibition pods
  • Stands for sponsors or show floors
  • Portable conference sets

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